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CVS: Crazy CVS Deal- Get $50 in Extra Care Bucks for $4.95 (and loading $150 to a prepaid Mastercard)
Here's a crazy deal for you... Right now at CVS until November 27th you can get $50 Extrabucks Reward just for purchasing a PayPal Reloadable Prepaid Debit Mastercard for $4.95 (and loading $150 on the card). This offer is limited to 1 per household. (More)
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Walgreens: Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts Money Maker (After Register Rewards)
It's too late for me because I already bought these things earlier this week, but if you haven't made your trip to Walgreens yet this week, then we have a new money maker for you. More)
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Moneymaker Prevacid at CVS!
Here’s another moneymaking deal at CVS this week! If you receive the $4.00/$20.00 any antacid, probiotic, heartburn or stomach remedy purchase store coupon printing from the “Magic Coupon Machine,” check out this deal: Buy 2 Prevacid, 14 ct $10. (More)
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Moneymaker on Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief at Target!
Target is running a promotion on Advil Allergy Congestion products: buy two and receive a $5.00 Target gift card. My Target store didn’t have t (More)